Big Shoes To Fill at CTN

Dominique Avery

From Paul Giguere at Connecticut Television Network:

 CTN’s Director of Programming, Dominique Avery, has announced her retirement following the November elections this year.   Dominique has been the driving force behind the innovation, excellence and relevance of CT-N’s programming since 2000, and her time with us has been the culmination of a 40-year career that has also included the roles of radio news director and television journalist.  Her passionate commitment to citizen engagement traces its roots to pre-World War II Germany, where her grandfather lost his life while serving as a member of the German Parliament: one of the first casualties of the Third Reich and Hitler’s rise to power.  Dominique’s talent, expertise and decade-long commitment to the success of CT-N guarantee that  she will be succeeded, but never replaced.

 Be that as it may, the CPAN staff has now officially begun its search for the new Director of Programming.  As part of the larger recruitment effort, I am attaching a link to CPAN’s job posting for the position and would urge you to share it among your contacts as you think appropriate.  I am confident that we will be able to identify the ideal candidate capable of continuing and enhancing the tradition that Dominique has begun.



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