Yvonne Nava Leaving NBC CT

Sources tell The Laurel that NBC CT (WVIT) will announce Friday that morning co-anchor Yvonne Nava is leaving the station. A native Texan, Yvonne apparently has a job closer to home and family which will be announced later. News Director Mike St. Peter tells the staff in a station memo that Yvonne approached him a while ago so the search for a replacement has begun. We wish Yvonne the best after her five years in Connecticut.

9 Responses

  1. She never seemed to spark with her morning anchor, wonder if that’s why she’s leaving?

  2. Loved Yvonne and will miss her. Wishing her all the best!

  3. I like her also when is her last day?

  4. Will miss seeing Yvonne in the mornings. But I understand that she wants to be closer to her family in Texas. Wish her all the best!!

  5. these early morning newspeople must hate the life of constantly moving and the bad working hours. nbc 30 has starting promoting the new lineup and she still on air. shows how these people can be replace so quickly

  6. i bet when we see her again via the web she will have a new look on the screen. they seem to do this everytime these people move around in the markets. i dont know how these people can do this for a career of bad hours and no security of a job

  7. going from a O&O station to the belo corp own tv station i think is a step down

  8. Yvonne seems like she truly loves her job. She was a pleasure to watch and I’m sure she will be just as successful in Texas.

  9. Yvonne, you will be welcomed with open arms here in Austin. My husband and I watch KVUE everyday and we are looking forward to seeing you and getting to know you through the TV screen.

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