Catching up With Former WFSB Star Melissa Francis

Looks like Melissa Francis is a jack of all trades. Beginning with TV commercials for Johnson and Johnson, landing the role as Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie and finally becoming a television journalist and news reporter for numerous New England Stations, such as Connecticut’s own WFSB, Francis is on to her next big thing.  As a current tv journalist for Fox Business Network, Melissa tells Hartford Courant reporter MaryEllen Fillo about her newest endeavor–a Fox Business show called “MONEY with Melissa Francis” and a new book that includes her time in CT. Read more here.


2 Responses

  1. at least she got of wfsb , the morning show cast now is unwatchable, time to clean house

  2. HA HA HAAbon j’avoue quand meame que la premie8re photo m’a fait bien rire,…ca change vu que jueesmtnt d’habitude c’est snoop dog qui est entoure9 de femelles e0 laisse!(non je ne suis pas fe9ministe, heuuu)une petite dose de vulgarite9 sauce humour qui me plait bien quand meame…quand a victoria beckham…pfffff

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