WFSB Shows Strong Ratings Period

WFSB Channel 3 had a boasted a strong Nielsen ratings period for the month of July.  Eyewitness News was ranked #1 in  every one of the station’s newscasts beginning at 4:30 AM and holding top stops from 5-6 AM and 6-7 AM and then at 5, 5:30, 6 and 11 PM.  WFSB-TV Vice President/General Manger Klarn DePalma stated that the station was “honored” and “very grateful” that  viewers made them the first choice for news.


4 Responses

  1. the morning show is unwatchable that irene oconnor cant adlib out of a paper bag, scott haney need to try is lame act at funnybone and whats with the traffic girl they seem not to stay long she the third in how many years and she looks like she just came out of tv/radio college. this show how lame the hartford market is

  2. I love WFSB in the morning .They are
    all great .Scot can have his moments
    but he makes me laugh and they all
    are a great team and do do much for

  3. they could hire better talent now since they dumped al instead of giving all to denise, dennis and kara spread the talent money

  4. I saw they have a new reporter Courtney Zieller….any info on her? She’s very thorough in her reporting and as they say a good ‘storyteller’ with a lot of news stories she’s provided to the viewers. Her pronunciations are very clear and she doesn’t speak a mile a minute like so many of them do on other stations! A lot of us say she is a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the world of journalism. Is here anyway we can get a story on her that you can share with her many fans?
    I would love to see her anchor one day??

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