Sad to See Erica Go

We at The Laurel are fans of WTNH meteorologist Erica Grow and are disappointed to see in Java that she’s leaving for Washington D.C.:

“My hours were cut back to part-time at WTNH and the new job is a full-time one,” explained Grow who will do weekend evening weather and reporting during the week at her new job.  “While I had planned to stay in Connecticut longer, Washington D.C. will be a return to the big, big market. ”


8 Responses

  1. Mr. Higgins that is two weather people
    gone this year. You need to go .
    Good luck Erica

  2. She was not easy to watch.. Big market? The lst big market she was fired from, she was fired from this one.. New career perhaps?

  3. I think she does a great job on weather and will be sad to see her go. She is actually one of the few that I like since they let Geoff go…

  4. janice smith sounds like an old miserable bat.

  5. She is also an *actual* meteorologist with an actual *degree* from a highly regarded meteorology program (Penn State). Same cannot be said for most (not all) of the other weathercasters in the Hartford/New Haven market. Villanova, the guy who just left WTNH, has no such credentials. Didn’t WTNH just hire a former fashion design consultant, or something, to do weather? Sad.

  6. @Jess: I agree, but let’s add “who’s not easy to watch” since that seems to be the theme of her comments.

  7. janice is a goof ball.

  8. Sorry to see her go. A very refreshing personality, who knew her stuff.
    What is happening at WTNH??
    Good luck Erica – Fair winds and a following sea.

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