Where McMahon Doesn’t Live

Where We Live - with John Dankosky

John Dankosky, host of WNPR’s “Where We Live”, chronicles his program’s unsuccessful efforts to secure an interview with US Senate candidate Linda McMahon (whose campaign doesn’t return producer Tucker Ives’ phone calls):

We’ve said it before: If you have the money to pay for your message, I suppose you can afford to avoid interviews on “free” media like “Where We Vote.”


4 Responses

  1. Yooooh,
    Connecticut LEFTIES, nice hatchet job, but too typical !!

  2. US Senate candidate Linda McMahon knows the less Connecticut voters know about her the better her chances in buying her Senate seat.

    Little surprise McMahon wants to hide behind a wall of silence. Those pesky questions about selling violent TV programming to children for thirty years are hard to duck. Having the good luck to marry into a pro wrestling business at a time when TV demanded exponential product volume to fill time isn’t business savvy, it’s luck.

    So much for speaking with Mr. Dankosky. Adding that McMahon has also refused to speak with newspaper editors leaves a clear impression.

    Her checkered business “success” and a willful assumption of four million dollars in debt (2012 converted value, Hartford Courant) at her bankruptcy add up to a disturbing picture.

    A picture that includes making violent programming directed at children and a reckless lack of caution with her young family’s financial status.

    Mr. Dankosky probably isn’t surprised and neither should Connecticut voters. Linda McMahon is a fine example of the old pot and kettle chestnut in her campaign design. The last thing she wants is a factual examination of her record in anything other than a scripted sound bite.

    How can the voter expect answerability from the office when the candidate won’t bother to speak with them during the campaign? Worst than just slick, it’s contemptuous of the very people McMahon claims to care about.

  3. npr if it didnt get a handout from the government they be out of business

  4. “In the last decade professional wrestling (to describe which World Wrestling Entertainment owner Vince McMahon has coined the term “sport-entertainment”) has skyrocketed in popularity. It is broadcast in 12 languages to over 130 countries, is viewed by 34 million people in the United States, and generates industry revenues above $1 billion annually”

    “Recent WWE programming, for example, has included oral sex on a wrestler by a transvestite, attempted castration of a wrestler who is portrayed as a porn star, necrophilia by a wrestler named Triple H, baring of breasts in the ring at live events by female “valets” (or “divas” in WWE terminology), and the use during matches of sledgehammers, metal folding chairs, garbage cans, quantities of thumbtacks, and even the proverbial kitchen sink. Needless to say, blood is spilled liberally and regularly. WWE divas regularly wrestle in sexually themed matches. In a “bra and panties” match, the first to strip her opponent to her undergarments is the winner”

    From the report on the effects of professional wrestling on children cited.

    It’s time for the media and the public to judge the quality and substance of Ms McMahon’s character and judgment. Given the descriptions above, Ms McMahon is neither moral nor admirable in any consideration. That she refuses to speak with Connecticut Citizens on Mr. Dankosky’s program proves she is unfit for the Office of Senator. Parents should consider their children’s safety and futures. A vote for McMahon supports violence and silence, two of the most dangerous characteristics in government of, by and for the people.

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