What Do David Petraeus and Geoff Fox Have in Common?

David Petraeus quits resignation CIA director Obama  

The New Haven Register’s Mary O’Leary expounds.


6 Responses

  1. Geoff Fox has his own battles which he seemingly doesn’t mind dragging his family through. General Petraeus found time to diddle a subordinate officer during two failed Bush Wars.

    What others may draw from all this is all social media is just quicksand, quicksand that never forgets.

    Whatever revenue social commentary garners will be eliminated by sensible termination of all existing accounts and a common acceptance that facespacebooking isn’t worth it.

    What may be lost in the bargain is a useful community ‘white board’ exchange of responsible comments on public policy.

    What may be gained? A return to responsible journalism and a renewed appreciation for what the Corporate mindset has claimed as intrusive analysis of business performance and responsibility.

    There is something valuable in anonymous comment. There is little to gain in persecution by employers of non-work related opinion or innocent human error. It’s been said before; the internet will certainly be the death of us all.

  2. Fox decidedly to live his life online and it bit him back. I’m sorry for his family more than him and think the right thing to do is turn off the computer, close down the site and do some soul searching and relationship repairing. The Register is right, we’re more puritanical in the US than other parts of the world – Europe especially. Unfortunately, Geoff Fox has become a cautionary tale of what not to do when online and it’s going to cost him professionally, personally and financially.

  3. Geoff Fox knew full well what he was doing was wrong. He’s responsible. If he can make a case for privacy we all benefit. It is clear he is in shock and should stop communicating. Terriblr watching someone drown on the net.

  4. Terrible watching someone drown on the net.

  5. Just read the interview with ZOEL KENNEDY on Ct Boom he definitely initiated the whole thing Sad way for a career to end Feel sorry for his wife, daughter and parents This wasn’t the first time for him he just got caught by a jealous boyfriend

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