Annie Rourke Leaving 8

 Annie Rourke
We’re told that one of the most solid reporters in the television market is leaving – Annie Rourke of WTNH. She has been a mainstay at Channel 8 for almost 7 years, reporting for NBC30 and WFSB before that. Apparently the parting is amicable…but she will be missed by the viewers and, colleagues say, by her co-workers.

5 Responses

  1. Maybe she will end up at FOX CT… They can use a new weekend morning anchor, the sports guys aren’t cutting it

  2. And she won’t be the last as station management pushes reporters to shoot their own stories. Reporters are – not unexpectedly – quite unhappy about this new direction. Who will be the next to ankle 8 Elm Street… who indeed?

  3. Great reporter….also quite attractive…hope she remains in CT

  4. Don’t all reporters shoot their own video now?

  5. So whare did Annie go?

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