More Don, Not Less

Don Lark's Profile Picture

 When we heard that WTNH Weekend Anchor Don Lark was being replaced by Erin Logan, it sounded like market veteran Don was out of the picture. Apparently that’s not so, according to a memo sent out by management to the newsroom last month:
Don will be coming in when some of our main anchors take vacations or are out for other extended periods, and he could spell our weekend anchors as well. He’ll also be available to be on the desk when we schedule our anchors out  for reporting –  the advent of MMJs should free up more videographers to go out with our anchors on specific story assignments. I’m greatly looking forward to having Don in the newsroom at times during the regular work week, and think his role will give us a lot of versatility – and opportunity – moving forward. For most of us, it will mean seeing Don a lot more often than we have had the chance previously.

6 Responses

  1. Sure. Don will be coming in whenever there’s a need for a fill-in anchor. Just make sure you give him plenty of notice because Don lives in Syracuse, NY.

  2. How is it considered “more Don” when he is now a substitute and he lost his weekend spot?

  3. Your explanation re Don Lark does not ring true. It strikes me as a lot of lame excuses and little or no more Don Lark. What’s the real story?

  4. Don Lark was to painful to watch. Stiff, no energy or sense of humor.
    He doesn’t have a TV personality…..period!
    Erin is just a breath of fresh air….started watching news at 10PM again.

  5. it is sad to get old .they just want to push you around. I don’t think erin is that great and the jeff person on the weekend mornings, who haired him. he can’t READ

  6. why every other stations leftovers? jeff valin always looked like he was bored and doing us all a big favor being there on fox 61, now that old retread don lark? wtnh, you can do much better. erin logan is a start.

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