FOX CT 5 pm Newcast

Fox CT logo

According to this promo, Fox CT is debuting a 5 pm newscast on January 28th.


5 Responses

  1. Should be interesting in the market let’s hope they now find more fresh stories to cover too much repeating pf segments the last few months. Al looked lost in the AM segment – not a knock he deserved better than 1 night a week.

    John West
    Southington, CT

  2. Don’t they have a 4:00 newscast ?

  3. I wish they’d update their name or go back to calling themselves FOX61. First the market had NBC Connecticut, then FOX Connecticut. What’s next ABC Connecticut and CBS Connecticut? Don’t get me wrong, I love this state, but the whole “(insert network) Connecticut” station name fad is annoying and dull to say the least. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone call any of these stations by their “Connecticut names,” instead people will say “channel 30” or “Fox 61” every time.

  4. […] We reported last week that Fox CT was kicking off a 5 pm newscast today, but didn’t know that this meant a move to the anchor desk for political reporter Laurie Perez (4 pm news with Brent Hardin).  Our immediate question was whether she was leaving the state capitol beat but we’re told she will continue to report. […]

  5. Just what we need, yet ANOTHER 5pm local newscast! Why do they all have to be on at the same time? Why can’t they put theirs on at say, 7, which may be a more convenient time for a lot of us. Oh wait, Jeopardy! is on at 7. Make it 7:30

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