WTNH To Host Sandy Hook Town Meeting

WTNH is holding a town meeting in conjunction with the New Haven Independent to discuss the issues raised by the Sandy Hook tragedy. After Sandy Hook: In Search of Answers will be broadcast live from the New Haven Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School on January 30th at 4pm.

A wide range of people touched by the mass violence will participate, including the mother of a child lost to gun violence, the man responsible for responding to the 1998 Newington lottery massacre and a Yale child mental health expert.

The town meeting will be televised live by WTNH News 8 without commercial interruption and streamed live on http://www.WTNH.com. News 8 anchor Keith Kountz will moderate. A panel of statewide journalists and New Haven’s mayor will lead an online live discussion of the event as it unfolds.


3 Responses

  1. No commercial? It’s because they have no ratings. No one watches them.

  2. it looked like it was a Govt Access Production! Audio was bad, open chair in the middle of the set, no background and content was very very lacking.

  3. And they were undoubtedly patting themselves on the back for a ‘job well done.’

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