We’re Confused

Is this storm named “Nemo” or “Charlotte”?


4 Responses

  1. The fact is: the official name of this blizzard is NEITHER of these. Naming of winter storms is neither official nor recoginized by NOAA or the National Weather Service. Neither name will go into the official, legal record books of he memorable blizzard.

    The fact is: the naming of winter storms is a PR marketing ploy by media companies only. “Nemo” was a PR move exclusively of The Weather Channel. “Charlotte” was PR move exclusively of WFSB. The fact that residents of Connecticut were exposed to both names left them confused. The whole matter is silly and is a disservice to the public. Naming a winter storm would only have utility when that one name is universally accepted by ALL outlets, media, government.

    Notice how NO OTHER station in CT would use the name “Charlotte,” because that would be promoting WFSB. No other TV station’s weather people in ANY other market used either name: that would be promoting the competition also. Result: further confusion among the public.

    The name of the storm? THE BLIZZARD OF 13. Period.

  2. Here here. It is stupid and who even cares. I’m sure the homeless people overflowing our shelters care what the name of this storm is. Put it in perspective, please.

  3. It is sad WFSB 3 and The Weather Channel put self-promotion before the public good. Meteorologists are supposed to be scientists, not hucksters.

  4. FSB is going to be irrelevant soon so who cares about them

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