Blizzies To NBC30 and the Connecticut Post

Hartford Courant columnist and WNPR radio host Colin McEnroe has handed out his Blizzies for storm-related achievement. Two media outlets were among the awardees:

Connecticut Post

Bridgeport’s home newspaper, the Post, gets the Blizzie for Most Felicitous Turn of Phrase.

“The result of whatever planning occurred was a nightmare, a city of largely rutted, slippery byways more reminiscent of a medieval village than the state’s largest city,” fumed an editorial writer.

I’m a Courant boy, but sometimes you gotta tip your cap to the other guys. That was good, and it grasped the strange dichotomy of the storm. Indoors, you could be a hyped-up, digital 21st-century schizoid man. Outdoors, “medieval village” sums it up.


I’m also giving an out-of-network Blizzie to WVIT or Channel 30 or NBC Connecticut or Gerryworld or whatever the hell they call themselves now. I don’t know about you, but I want to be able, during a storm, to turn on my TV at any moment and see reporters in matching parkas standing in snowdrifts reporting on virtually nothing. I’m serious. I enjoy it. It’s like “It’s a Wonderful Life” at Christmas. You know how it comes out, but it’s a tradition. This station stayed committed. I’m giving a special Blizzie to reporter Doug Greene, who held us spellbound on Saturday with live footage of a guy plowing out a gas station. “He doesn’t need any help,” Greene said, his voice dripping manly admiration. “He knows what he’s doing.” The thing is: I was watching this like it was the Saigon airlift.


3 Responses

  1. I liked Ashleigh Banfield of CNN in Fairfield yelling at people for being out driving around when she and her crew were doing exactly the same thing.

  2. Greetings from Gerryworld, a happy place where it’s always 75 and sunny. Anyone can win an Emmy. But a Blizzie? That is something very, very special. Thank you, Colin.

  3. We can always count on NBC30 to take the lead on overkill.

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