The Real Deal for NBC 30


CT’s NBC affiliate, WVIT-TV, has won a Peabody for its coverage of the Newtown shootings. From the Peabody website:

Breaking News: Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School (WVIT-TV)

WVIT-TV, West Hartford, CT

The first TV-news outlet to report the horrendous shooting spree at Sandy Hook, WVIT broadcast careful, comprehensive coverage that informed not only its own audience but viewers around the country.

One can offer only somber congratulations; we weep for the victims, yet we applaud those news outlets that did their job well and are recognized for it. We recall the Hartford Courant winning a Pulitzer in 1999 for its coverage of the shootings at the CT Lottery Headquarters; staff wanted to celebrate the professional accomplishment but, understandably, without exploiting the memory of the tragedy’s victims. Congrats to NBC 30.


3 Responses

  1. A somber award to win…but congrats to my primary source for news!

  2. This is the finest award in broadcasting and I have looked in vain for stories in other Connecticut media on TV30’s great achievement. This was and is a story that has to be covered with great attention to taste and the emotional scars it has left on the families and the public. The Peabody judges determined TV30 had passed that test and gave them the coveted award, yet I saw no mention on competing stations or in the print media. What a shame.

    Dick Ahles

  3. I, as someone on the side of more gun lgiasliteon, do not believe that violence will ever be eradicated from our culture. I don’t think everyone on my side of the discussion agrees with me on that, but I do think we can lessen the opportunity for violence by making lgiasliteon stronger, and by making penalties stiffer. I was listening to a discussion yesterday about minimum sentences something I hadn’t thought much about and I need to do more reading, but that struck me as part of this puzzle, as well. I agree that having a heart and being ruled by your heart are two different things. Let’s hope all of us no matter our feelings use our heart in our decision-making, but do not allow our hearts to be the only part of that decision-making.

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