A World Without Kain


One of Connecticut’s best is retiring; After 26 years at WFSB, reporter/storyteller/wonderful guy Dan Kain is saying goodbye to local television. He’s had an incredible run in TV land. This from WFSB News Director Dana Neves:

 In editorial meetings, so often Dan is our “tie-breaker” when we are deciding the merits of a story. He is smart and funny and can see a story for what it is … or (even better) isn’t. If you are lucky, really lucky you get to tell people you worked alongside one the “greats”.   We are all so lucky to be able to say that we worked with the great Dan Kain.

Dan’s last day is Friday, June 7th. We’ll all miss you.



8 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your retirement, Dan! Have enjoyed your reporting since your days with Playboy News and at WCVB in Boston! Best wishes!

  2. […] Reporter Dan Kain is signing off from WFSB after more than 25 years at the Hartford CBS affiliate, according to The Laurel. […]

  3. there is no such thing as retirement in the media , they didnt want to renew his contract or they low ball him , this is typical wfsb ploy ask deb kent and others who are out of the business now

  4. Yes, no one ever retires voluntarily. Thanks for your psychic vision tv news critic.

  5. Congrats to Dan on 26 years at The One and Only TV3! It was always a pleasure to work with him!!! I had the honor of winning an Emmy with him and as we walked down the aisle to receive our gold statues, Dan exclaimed-as only Dan can-“Isn’t this a hoot?!?!”

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  7. Totally agree! The worst is when you have an infant and everoyne tells you it gets harder! What is wrong with people? Also, soooo not true! It’s easier everyday! I have a 5 yr old and a 3 yr old, and it’s sooooo much easier than a screaming infant! Love the post thanks!

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