Quinnipiac Journalism Professor Pulling All-Nighters at WFSB-TV






Ben Bogardus, a journalism professor at Quinnipiac University is spending the summer working the overnight shift at a local TV station to keep up with new industry technologies and trends.

The chair and assistant professor of journalism in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University is producing the news at WFSB-TV’s Channel 3 Eyewitness News while his students are away on summer break.

Bogardus was an award-winning newscast producer at WJLA, Washington, D.C.’s ABC affiliate, prior to joining Quinnipiac’s staff in 2010.

Sunday Talk

Face the State WFSB 11 am

Host: Dennis House

This Sunday at 11AM on Face the State on WFSB Channel 3

The Race for Governor

Guest:   State Senator John McKinney (R) for governor


Guests:  Mark Pazniokas, Connecticut Mirror & Johanna Somers, New London Day

A blogger’s look at Hartford City Hall

Guest:  Kevin Brookman, We the People Hartford


CT Capitol Report FoxCT Sunday 10:30 am

Host: Tom Dudchik

The Real Story
FoxCT Sunday 10 am

Hosts: Laurie Perez and Al Terzi

1. State Sen. John McKinney talks about his decision this week to run for governor.

2. Scott Bates, Pres., Center for National Policy discusses the challenges the US faces in deciding how to respond to what’s happening in both Syria and Egypt.

3. Commissioner Dr. Jewel Mullen, CT Dept. Of Public Health promotes her “Emergency Preparedness” campaign.

The Stan Simpson Show Fox CT Saturday, 6:30 am, online at http://www.ctnow.com/stan

Host: Stan Simpson


A Journal for Black Boys

Guests: The Black Man Can web site founder Brandon Frame, author of “Define Yourself; Redefine the World” and college student Wynton Borders talk about journaling tips to redefine the image of black males.

CT Politics

Guest: Courant Capitol Bureau Chief Chris Keating gives aninside look at what’s happening in the race for New Haven mayor  — and what’s new in the  2014 race for governor.

Focus on Connecticut News12 Saturday: 7:30 am, 11 am, 2:30 pm, 7:30 pm.Sunday: 2:30 am, 7:30 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Host: Tom Appleby

Paul Vallas
Bridgeport School Superintendent

CTN: Capitol Report: Week in Review Sunday at 8 pm Replays of: The Real Story (8:30 pm), Face the State (9:00 pm),The Stan Simpson Show (9:30 pm)

Bridgeport School Board Chair Goes After Post Reporter

Bridgeport Board of Education Chairman, Kenneth Moales, Jr. is claiming the Connecticut Post is making a personal attack against his church to delay education reform in the city. A handout that was distributed by Moales at a board meeting this week states:

“Mr. Dan Tepfer was enlisted by the working families party to stage an attack against COHS and myself (Pastor Kenneth Moales, Jr.) to cloud the issues and to mobilize detractors and enemies of educational reform to in some way destroy or delay much needed educational reform in the city. Let it be known that the Connecticut Post is not concerned about our mortgage or our occupancy. These issues are a smoke screen. We are not the only church with banking or contracting issues. It is my belief that the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and I are being attached to cloud the real issues in the city of Bridgeport.”

The flyer is in response to several articles written by Connecitcut Post staff reporter, Daniel Tepfer revolving around the church’s money woes which have come to light over the past month.

One For Every Room

Brendan Keefe







Congratulations to former WFSB morning anchor and North Haven native Brendan Keefe – as the Investigative Reporter for WCPO-TV in Cincinnati he won eight (8) Ohio Valley Regional Emmys this weekend.

“An Editorial Cartoon We Should Not Have Run”


The publisher of the New Haven Register apologizes for running the cartoon above…

Rudat Out

Brandon Rudat

Former WVIT anchor Brandon Rudat is out at CBS Atlanta after three high-profile years.

TV News Staffing Up, But Number of Newsrooms Down

From TV Spy:

The latest installment of the RTDNA/Hofstra University annual study finds that total television staffing in 2012 totaled 27,605 people, down just 48 people from the previous year. The average staff size per newsroom grew, but the number of newsrooms decreased from 725 to 712 in 2012:

The number of stations originating local news peaked in 2005 at 778.  It’s been steadily down since then.  Some of those were marginal operations to begin with, but quite a few TV newsrooms have been subsumed in some sort of consolidation or shared services agreement.  We’re now losing TV newsrooms at the fairly steady rate of eight per year.  Until this year, the number of stations getting news from one of those originating stations has been growing.  This is the first year that list has gotten smaller.

As for individual newsrooms: the RTDNA study finds the average station hired 5.6 replacements and .9 new, additional positions in 2012. Top replacement hires were reporters, producers and photographers, while top new hires were reporters and producers. The average local news staff is 38.5 people.

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