Len Besthoff Jumps to NBC CT








From an NBC CT internal memo:

Len Besthoff is joining NBC Connecticut’s reporting team. He will be serving in the role as Chief Investigative Reporter in our Troubleshooters Unit.
Len comes to us from WFSB where he has spent the last 11 years. During his time there, he has developed numerous contacts and sources – he regularly breaks news. His most recent assignments include investigative reporter for the WFSB I-Team and Hartford Bureau Chief covering the state’s capitol city region.
This addition to our Troubleshooters Unit assures that we will continue to build on the momentum developed over the past 20 months. We have created the premier investigative team in the state.”

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  1. Nbc ct also added a new reporter. Her name is Abbey Niezgoda. she comes from abc6 in Rhode Island. Just made her first debut tonight on the news at 5 pm Sent from my iPhone

  2. Wfsb is losing in ratings on some
    Shows .. Still #1 on others.. But the demos are grossly old
    To the point nbc ct can claim #1 on many newscasts.
    The news directer there
    Is ineffective .. Her claim to fame is calling reporters and telling them to fix their hair.
    It’s a sad state of affairs at this station .. Many of us are ready to jump ship!

  3. Jump ship then. The production quality at 3 is a joke. The “I Team” quality is a joke. NBC ct is taking over. The old folks can only carry the ratings for so long at fsb .

  4. Congrats Len–back to where it all started! Best, Nancy

  5. […] to a memo to WVIT staffers obtained by The Laurel, Besthoff will be the NBC owned station’s chief investigative reporter. “This addition […]

  6. AThis is a good string of inaccuracies. WFSB is number one in every show in demos – except 5pm — but, news flash – WVIT isn’t either. WTNH is the number 2. WVIT is number 3 everywhere. WTIC beats WVIT on some days.

  7. It is odd that a key reporter would voluntarily go from the #1 station to the #3.

  8. Gee, what could make a reporter would leave the dominant #1 for the crappy #3? Oh I know, way more money.

    Channel 3 wins ratings and demo’s in every single time period but pays the lowest in the market. Shows how good their managers are to win consistently when corporate won’t let them pay.

  9. How is NBC 3rd

  10. You may want to re-check the July Ratings Period, particularly the demos. They may reveal why NBC 30 is the station of choice.

  11. Has anyone ever checked a July ratings period for anything? TVNewsGuy, get better intel than the least utilized sweep of the year.

  12. All good companies have their ups and downs, that’s what makes a business a business! The reporters at 3 are clear and concise with their stories and work hard in this industry. I like 30 as well but always go back to 3 for their reporting. CHANNEL 3 may need to look at the anchors and change it up bit and then get the producers to sharpen their skills. Life is always about learning, especially in this industry.

    It’s just a small bump in the road that 3 knows is there and I’m sure is willing to fix for the sake of its loyal viewers……..GO 3 we’re on your side!

  13. Good news! We are former WFSB watchers who changed over to NBC Connecticut around 2010. NBC CT got the scoop on a couple of big stories and that was the beginning. WFSB had a couple of personnel changes that left us scratching our heads and a few egos that went so sky high, it was visible through the tv. We like NBC CT’s more down to earth approach. We miss seeing Kevin Hogan and Bruce DePrest but the rest you can keep. When I tell people we’re channel 30 watchers, more are telling me they are too. Len will be a good addition to this already strong team.

  14. WFSB is on auto pilot.
    WVIT has momentum but is hamstrung by all of NBC’s corporate foolishness.
    WTNH is in a race to the bottom.
    WTIC is already there.

  15. Mom of 6 yr old should know better and I’m sure she CHANNEL surfs to 3 every now and again 😉 I also disagree partially with the last post, how can WTIC TV already be there!? Are you kidding me, the anchors are so unprofessional, some need voice coaches and some need a few good throat lozengers. They don’t dress for the seasons – come on be professional on air please! 61 REPORTING is half baked. I agree on 8 & 30 but don’t with your comment on 3. I agree with Anonymous 9/13 @ 9:42pm in relations to all companies having their ups and downs, right now everyone thinks 30 is riding high – maybe for the moment but their egos aren’t too far behind! I know a lot of people who are with 3 – ditto GO 3 “We’re on Your Side.”

  16. From the looks of the overnights lately, the NBC30 “run” is over. Enjoy third place again!

  17. I can not believe how my fellow idiots in Fairfield County still make the NYC their #1 priority. They do NOTHING for us! Cablevision dumped FOX-61 and replaced it with FOX-CRAP 5 NY.

  18. Anonymous, no. I do not check WFSB and don’t miss them. I even wait until 11:30pm or later on Sundays. IF for some reason, I need another newscast, I go to Fox 61. It’s extraordinarily rare but that’s my number 2.

  19. fairfield is a nyc market dma set up by the fcc

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