Jerry Kristafer’s Last Day at WDRC

WDRC's Jerry Kristafer

Jerry Kristafer, longtime CT radio broadcaster, is out at WDRC-FM. Java has the details, but the station –owned by Buckley Broadcasting — isn’t commenting. Jerry has been hosting the “Big D Morning Show” since 2008 and previously hosted the morning show at WELI. This was his second stint at WDRC.


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  1. I just read “Java”…..there are NO details there !

  2. its a money issue, he asked for a raise and they let him go. plus he like listening to nails. not to mention on how he treated the people who work for him hate him with a passion

  3. Hopefully this is just the beginning of an overhaul at DRC AM and FM…time for some serious changes….

  4. Not surprised to hear that he did not get along with people at WDRC. Jerry’s mantra is and has always been; “Everyone is incompetent except me.”

    Here’s the deal. Jerry could not do what he is best at doing. Being funny. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s while at WAVZ and KC-101 FM. He really “ruled the roost” at these stations under Kops Monahan Communications. He was making a lot more money back then too. WDRC is notoriously cheap. The Buckley’s are making money hand over fist, living high on the hog in Greenwich, paying their talent, like peasants.

    Jerry Kristafer WAS entertaining years ago when he he did his schtick. His characters included “Clancy.” The Clancy character, was nothing more than a male laughing on tape that went; Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha. Kristafer would play the Clancy laugh nearly everytime he cracked a joke. Clancy gave the audience the cue to laugh or to understand what was just said, to be a joke. The Clancy character, was brilliant and hilarious.

    Kristafer also had Peggy the Time Telling Pig. aka Peggy Latella. Peggy was a character when Kristafer was at WAVZ in New Haven. The Latella’s ran a rubbish hauling business and also had pigs. Kristafer used the sound effect of the Peggy The Time Telling Pig oinking, when he gave time checks in the morning. SO for example, Jerry would give the time as follows; “It’s 7:36 “Oink, Oink” 24 minutes before 8 O’Clock, Peggy and Jerry, the first thing to put on in the morning.

    When Jerry did a live remote, The Latella’s would bring the Pig in a cage and it became an attraction. And a name tag would be put on the cage. “Peggy Lattela, The Time Telling Pig.”

    Kristafer used to use sexual innuendo as part of his schtick. He was probably the funniest and most entertaining when he was at KC-101 FM. When he went to WDRC 102.9, he became politically correct and no linger fun to listen to. And to think, that corn ball, no talent Mike Stevens (who works for nothing) is horrible and not funny, intelligent or entertaining, is doing morning drive.

    One thing that people do not like about Kristofer is that he is arrogant, looks down his nose at colleagues and listeners and goes as far as answering his studio lines, being rude to his listeners and hanging up on his listeners. Not a cool thing to do Mr. Kristafer. Those listeners that you and Mike Stevens are hanging up on, could also be WDRC advertising clients.

  5. Whether or not all the people think so, Mike Stevens is the best. He should have the morning show. He is very sincere, and he doesn;t have to be a stand up comic to be a competent morning radio host. Mike is funny enough. He does a great job, and doesn’t go out of his way to hurt peoples feelings. Good move WDRC, Kristafer was getting stale, and his arrogance was coming through the radio more and more each week.

    Keep Mike, he will work hard for you

  6. Nobody cares about old fool, “Jerry Kristmistafer” as he for a time called himself. Bentley attitude on a Chevy Corsica salary.

  7. Jerry lost sight of the fact that the show belongs to the listeners, not him – with no audience, there is no show. I’ve been a DRC listener from the beginning, and I must say they have really gone down hill lately. I have no problem with Mike – in fact, I think the best morning show they ever had was Mike & Beth until she had that horrible heart attack. I hope she is well. It was nice to hear her voice a few years ago when she did that health spot on the radio. I wish she were healthy enough to come back. I can’t listen to Ms. Winters with her squeaky voice. Getting rid of Doug Tailor and Larry
    Wells were big mistakes. But mostly the music is just so much like so many other stations now – I liked it much better when they were an oldie station. I thought they should have gone the other way – played more music from the 50’s (like Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, etc) and more variety of 60’s songs. Their repertoire has always been very limited when such a huge volume of selections exists. The best programs they ever had were when Doug Tailor did the hour long featured artist show – my favorite one was the Roy Orbison hour. He played songs like Ride Away and Crawling Back that are great songs that you never hear anywhere else. The only station that plays music like that is WLNG on long Island, but the reception isn’t very good. So now I have been forced to switch to satellite radio in order to hear the music that I like. Even DRC’s traffic reports are poor – I believe they come from a reporter in Boston, and they don’t even know how to pronounce some of our streets and towns. It is probably cheaper for them, but they are losing sight of presenting a quality product.

  8. It’s just sad, for me it started when they let Larry Wells go, and then
    the concerts stopped, the Legends / Happy Together tour and sometimes a Holiday Christmas time concert, all gone. Now they fire Jerry and stop playing the oldies ! I guess it’s time for Sirius radio !

  9. Ohh, and Grame Winters is a horrible mess, and Mike Stevens, he’s
    ok but, he just makes me feel uncomfortable.

  10. I think I just got censored !

  11. We miss ya Jerry!

  12. I enjoyed the Morning Show w/Jerry Kristofer,Mike Stevens etc. Missing Larry Wells. I will be moving on to another radio station. Speaking for myself, WDRC has made a major mistake. Please keep Mike – it seems like the current WDRC is struggling and trying to dig it out of a hole.

  13. […] new WDRC-FM morning team has been named ( Jerry Kristafer of the “Big D Morning Show” was let go recently). Two members of the morning show are staying on as co-hosts…Kim Zachary and Mike Stevens […]

  14. Jerry may be a little arrogant but people….get over it. He was funny and I miss laughing in the morning. Everyone is so worried about being politically correct all the time that all media has become boring and present themselves as if reading from a script composed by station publicity people living under rocks. Good luck Jerry…I know you will find a station with an audience that has better things to do than complain all the time and enjoy freedom of speech.

  15. I heard Jerry this morning on 88.9 FM, WJMJ.

  16. Was wondering where he went. I did like jerry, didn’t realize he was a jerk! Mike seems like a nice guy, glad he’s still on. In response to some of the comments about the direction 102.9 has taken, I for one am (only?) 27, and I love the oldies. Always was a huge fan of “my mom’s music”….usually 60s and 70s songwriters. Also love a lot of hits from the 50s. Totally bummed that as of about a year or 2 ago the station started playing 80s, and now 90s music. I often change the station when the newer songs come on. I do enjoy lots of different types of music but 102.9 was my go-to for the really classic stuff. Wish they still played it, even if a good portion of those generations has died out!

  17. I have been listening to WDRC for years and years. I loved Doug Taylor. I used to stop by to see him at the Big E all of the time. I also like Mike Stevens. I think he is so funny and wonderful. The only complaint I have is the music is not what it used to be. I liked it when it was strictly oldies. I can’t stand some of the music now and pop my CD’s in at times. Also, one last comment, I am glad Jerry is gone. He was rude. Please bring back the 50’s & 60’s only!!

  18. Thanks everyone for the information on Jerry K. Nothing can hide from the internet. I see many wanting the oldies back and more variety and no one seems to like the newer songs. Hope the program director can convince the owners to change. I know they would if it was WKRP in Cincinnati.

  19. By,by jerry real small lost !!!!!

  20. Bring back Clancy!!!

  21. I have to say the station has gone down hill in the last month too much “new” stuff and the Christmas show was horrible I never heard carols done so lousy as the ones they played.

  22. A-HOLES…….

    Don’t you get it????
    The 50’s and 60’s audience is either two steps on their nursing homes front door steps, Dead or incoherent.
    That audience is not attractive to advertisers, because they don’t buy lawn mowers, clothing AND bought their last new vehicle in 1995. Advertisers want the age demographics that you see at the Malls shopping and going to the night clubs. I hear references of you people bitching that this “newer” 80′ s and 90’s music is ……. Bla, bla, bla.
    Sorry to break the news to you “skid mark in the Fruit of the Looms” but the 80’s and 90’s are considered OLD!!

    Mrs. Buckley (WDRC owner) needs to keep up with the Jones and put on the “Dog” down in. Greenwich. All that “old Lady Buckley” cares about is cumulative audiences aka comes which equals ad dollars.

    So, get with the times. FormatIcally WDRC never sounded better than it does today. Their audio chain aka processing is excellent!

    Now for those of you who need Speech Pathology lessons, like Willie b. Goode aka Gnarly Charlie, look me up. Soon I will be giving lessons as I am on the twenty year plan to earning my college degree.

    Pete Salant aka Pete Stone

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