One Less Olessa

We hear that WFSB traffic reporter Olessa Stepanova will soon leave the Hartford /New Haven market. After almost 3 years here she’s headed for Boston – specifically WCVB, the  ABC affiliate. We wish her well.

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  1. Can she take Grape Nuts Guy with her?

  2. I had a feeling she was leaving she had been off a lot lately . I really liked watching her.

  3. Yes, please take the grape nut guy with you…..

  4. Tv news critic I’m sure you’ve nailed it and Olessa left because she is unhappy about Denise’s adlibbing ability. Thanks for giving us the clarity that only you can see.

  5. Actually, like all TV meteorologists in our market have full, 4-yr degrees or Masters’ in meteorology (shuuure), traffic reporters like Odessa are in heavy demand for their expertise. Her degree in urban traffic engineering and C.V.T.M. (Certified Vehicular Traffic Manager) give her an unmatched credibility in her field. No wonder Boston came calling so quickly!

  6. it was the money issue she asked for a raise and let let her go like they all do at channel 3 and now grape nuts is next

  7. Haley B, jealous much?

  8. Good Luck to Olessa at her new gig

  9. Nope, jealous zero. But “traffic reporter” is such a cush job. All you have to do is look pretty and string sentences together in English. You don’t need anything above a high school diploma. A model could do it. Mily Cyrus could do it. BTW…there’s no such thing as a CVTM, in case you didn’t catch my sarcasm.

  10. Grape nuts should be banned from TV

  11. Haley, you’re clearly misinformed and a little bitter. There’s nothing cush about waking up at 2am everyday and going to work.
    No, traffic reporters don’t have a CVTM but to be in this business a college degree IS required. All traffic reporters have degrees in journalism or majored in other fields at a 4 year university.
    There’s no need to hate. Lets see you apply for the job and see how far you get.

  12. I will miss olessa. She seems like an intelligent and nice person. I enjoyed her relationship with scot Haney, whom I love for his energy, personality and kindness!

  13. Olessa has also served as a weekend news anchor at Channel 3, displaying talent far beyond what some posters fail to recognize.

    Good luck Olessa in your new assignment.

  14. Sorry, but some meteorologists don’t have degrees. I know of two, who got fired in Ct. One continued to give weather from his pc, the other was such a disgrace, he just left the East Coast. No loss of talent with either but I do see one managed to worm his way to FOXCT.

  15. I will miss Olessa. She seemed very professional and was able to give the highlights of the important issues in the small time allotted her after Mr. Haney finally finished his extended tv exposure time

  16. who is “grape nuts guy?”

  17. Scot the weather guy. Seems not many llike him…

  18. He’s just the most popular met in market. This site is ruled by people who wish FSB and TNH didn’t own the state.

  19. We lost Theresa LaBarbara before also ,, Is it because of Scott Haney ?

  20. I doubt it, they both went on vacation together with other friends a few months back. Not sure what she is doing in Boston, traffic?, maybe something better. LaBarbara(?),,she just plain stinks wherever she goes.

  21. She asked channel 3 for a raise , didn’t get it , channel 3 has been going down hill since Pat Shehan ………….. making all the wrong desions ,,,,,,

  22. Sorry to hear that. She was fun to watch when she would come on the little dog & pony show at 3. Well, its obvious Boston thought she was worth more than channel 3.

  23. Will be sorry to see Olessa Stepanova leave WFSB. Really liked her. awwww Good luck Olessa on your new career move. Merry Christmas and much success.

  24. […] (Springfield, MA) Nicole Nalepa is WFSB’s new morning traffic reporter. She replaces Olessa Stepanova who has moved on to WCVB in […]

  25. Already miss pleads, do not like the replacement. I go f her boring

  26. I watched Olessa on Channel 12 on Long Island, NY. We moved to CT and was happy to see her on WFSB. Now, sadly for us, she’s moved up to Boston. I will miss seeing you almost everyday Olessa, but when I visit my daughter in Boston, I’ll try to catch you on TV at her place. To WFSB: you don’t know what you got until you lose it!!!

  27. Figured it was a money issue. They wished her good luck on her last day and that was it. She was a good balance for “Zany Haney”. She seemed to tolerate him well. I have to admit he is kind of entertaining just a little to “cartoony” at times. Good luck to Olessa !!!

  28. Best wishes to you and all you endevours… The world has endless possibilities find your path and go for it… I enjoyed u doing the traffic. ..

  29. I love Scot Haney!!! He is very entertaining at 5:30 a.m.!

  30. wish you the best Olessa – there are so many at channel 3 I wish had left – but not you. Happy New Year!

  31. It’s obvious WFSB is a great training ground and my best to Olessa. These news channels are under great economic pressure and the only way to make more money is to move to larger stations with a greater viewership and sponsorship. Fact of life. That being said, give this new girl a chance. If you read her bio., she is going to be a great addition to the team for however long she stays. Finally, Scott Haney is phenomenal and I am incensed at some of the comments on this site about him. My wife feels my sense of humor stopped development at age 12, however everyday when I leave for work, I am laughing at something Scott has said. Thank God he is there. Can you imagine listening to channel 8 everyday. 😦

  32. WFSB has those that moved on and those who stay put. You do notice the changes though. S. Haney is a funny and upbeat person and entertainer AND does his job and then some. Nicole seems fine – a good team in the morning.

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