A Second Goldstein Added to Storm Team 8

Justin Goldstein Storm Team 8

WTNH News 8 welcomes the newest member of Storm Team 8, Justin Goldstein. The latest addition to the weather team comes to Connecticut with more than a decade of experience including work in Detroit, Philadelphia and ABC News in New York.

While Justin’s last name may sound familiar to the Storm Team’s regular viewers, he is not related to News8’s late Meteorologist, Dr. Mel Goldstein.


17 Responses

  1. poor Sam. they never gave him a contract. now they gave him the shaft.they just used him.

  2. sam is still there.

  3. I really like Sam , I hope they keep him .
    Steve was good to but he gut a bum deal because he came the same time as they fired Geoff . They have has many weather people leave the other Steve and Erica Grow . The revolving weather door .

  4. the decision has already been made to cut Sam. why he was never given a contract and kept freelance. they are not thrilled with Gil long-term either. Sam tho has no future.

  5. Al Carl thinks weather at wtnh must always have a wise jew in prominence. he tried sam and he was too Connecticut to really look Jewish and keep the Dr. Mel legacy alive. so he gets another Jewish person with the same name last name as Dr. Mel, Goldstein. more smart management from the man from Alabama. is he dumb, insensitive or worse?

  6. That’s some pretty hate-filled slander there fabulous. I think we know everything we need to know about you now.

  7. I like Gil too !! I am not so thrilled with Erika but I hop from channel to channel
    anyway !!!

  8. First impressions were pretty good. I thought he did a good job when I first saw him. Not like “hour by hour; a lot of snow and ice under the snow; my concern; westerlies.” ugghhh. And to those who commented before me, what is going on with Sam?

  9. Fox CT is where I will be!

  10. Judging from the ratings you and about 6 others.

  11. sam never had a contract. he is gone probably. the worst kind of typecasting with the new guy. they used him so, so bad. he still lives at home and i doubt he is willing to move to another market. i wonder if he does go if they will give his clothing allowance to news director al carl?

  12. Sam is still there. I saw him this morning.

  13. Of course he is. New guy does weekend nights Sam does weekend mornings. Someone just stirring up something out of nothing.

  14. just feel bad for sam. so here is the question why does the new guy have a contract and sam is still freelance?

  15. So you know everyone’s contract status? Please share.

  16. Justin is a very welcome and refreshing new addition to thwe WTNH cast of weather characters. Friendly, informative, and not an alarmist when it comes to a light dusting of snow up in “your capitol city.” Really nice delivery, pleasant to the ears, and concise with his words. I like that he only says “hour by hour” once during the forecast and it doesn’t sound like fingernails on a chalkboard when he says it. I hope he’s a replacement for the fair weather fashion model who prances the runway while she delivers her forecast in the most repetitive “fashion.” I think this Justin is really pretty good and I hope he’s in it for the long haul! Best of luck, Justin!

  17. we know the suits hate gil. would he actually go?

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