Sonia Baghdady’s New Gig








As previously posted “Sonia’s Out”, at WTNH, but she’s got a new gig at Veria Living TV.  Sonia is the new anti-aging, beauty and fashion coach at the health and wellness channel.  She will bring VLC viewers simple solutions to health, fashion, and beauty problems. Read more here.


25 Responses

  1. so who has the last laugh now? newbie news director al carl stays local and sonia has a national gig on her way to becoming a big star. he should have Never let her go. another mistake by carl. what is with this guy?

  2. how can she become a “big star” on a network I’ve never even heard of (who has?) and no one watches…

  3. anyways with very very few exceptions, anchors come, anchors go. no one is irreplaceable, not even miss bagdaddy. they’ll find someone new no problem

  4. It looks like it’s a new channel that is being rolled out in bigger markets.

  5. ^ What crack pipe are you smoking?!!! Its a perfect move for her and if she puts in like a year there either someone else nationally will pick her up for additional gigs on other entertainment and infotainment shows. Being a lifer in local news with the industry dieing or believing any national outlet or even new media outlet is less than local is very shallow thinking.

  6. also shallow…misspelling “dying.”

  7. has to be management and the news directors’ fault. everyone here know how messed up it is. there is no one in control. need a rock star and we have a mouse.

  8. Then quit. Bye.

  9. My close friend happen to work at 8..she said at the end no one liked sonya anymore…she was too into her image and being famous. she will not be missed in that sorry place. that is the real truth, these other anonymous’s are fake trolls, obviously

  10. working here we all thought sonya was a star. it was typical of newz director carl to let her go. giant, giant mistake. something he should be fired for. what more can anyone say?

  11. Whoever typed that last comment whoever they are they absolutely don’t work at 8.

  12. I believe, in the end, the actual truth lies somewhere *between* what “producer chick” and “anonymous” with the friend who works at 8 said.

    Whether she was like or not, who knows; she was regarded as a “star.” That’s fine; but having worked in CT News myself for many years, I felt that in that business, you have to regard the news, weather, etc, as the “star.” Sure, there is a degree of local celebrity. But that should only be leveraged for good/community services to “give back.” When one of us got too into being “stars,” they moved into “Ron Burgundy” territory. Hence, the movie: a reflection of those few tv news anchors and reporters for whom the vanity of personal glamour, or being a personality of renown, was more important to them than accurate writing and reporting of the news of the day.

    Sounds like Sonia has moved on to a venture that suits her aspirations much better. Best to her.

  13. any update on the renewal of Jeff vallin’s contract? will he go too?

  14. Goldstein Jr is doing a great job this morning.

  15. so unhappy here. since Sonia and Janet left the mood in the newsroom sucks. it’s like the end days. someone is at fault for ruining this news operation. why do I stay? I’d rather work at News 12! Sad sad sad. Al do you hear me??

  16. News 12 has openings. You won’t be missed. Clean up your desk area on your way out.

  17. my guess is newsroom staff will be gutted anyway after nabet contracts close. but its true about newsroom mood and the backlash against the news director.

  18. only one a reason to watch chanell 8 and that is Teresa lebarbra the girl is a star!!!!

  19. Why would they “gut” the place after the next contract? Everyplace has NABET?

  20. They won’t gut anything. And people there like the boss. Some much needed influx if new talent and a few bitter peeps left behind.

  21. I’d rather work for Appleby any day. he is a seasoned journalist and a local. no comparison. he runs a tight ship.

  22. I’d rather work for Appleby any day. he is a seasoned journalist and a local. no comparison. he runs a tight ship.

  23. So go to work at Applebee’s. I’ll take the Honey Pepper Chicken & Shrimp and then go to the Applebee’s blog to hear you gripe about that job, too.

  24. I’d rather work for Appleby any day. he is a seasoned journalist and a local. no comparison. he runs a tight ship.

  25. Appleby is getting some good buzz. Word on the anonymous blogs is that he’s a seasoned journalist and runs a tight ship.

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