Snow Day for Cable Negotiations


 WFSB logo

Cablevision will carry WFSB through Friday due to the impending snowstorm, but after that all bets are off:

Fairfield County viewers of WFSB Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Hartford, shown on Cablevision Systems‘ Optimum TV, have a reprieve before the service is cut off, albeit a brief one. WFSB officials announced the contract has been extended to Friday because of the expected winter storm Wednesday into Friday. The television station said the extension was approved to make sure Connecticut residents receive vital weather updates and information. If the contract expires, by law, Cablevision OptimumTV will no longer have the right to carry WFSB copyrighted programming, according to WFSB. Cablevision has said that CBS network programming is carried on WCBS television, which it also carries in Fairfield County. WFSB said it will continue to negotiate with Cablevision.(h/t Stamford Advocate)


One Response

  1. WCBS does not offer the news and public affairs programs that WFSB does – which are vital to the audience. When offered a telephone number to call and voice my opinion, I found Cablevision answered with a recording. No help.

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