Changes at WFSB?


Karen Lee

We hear…

that Tina Martin is off the weekend morning anchor desk…Kim Lucey is replacing her…and that reporter Karen Lee has moved on.



11 Responses

  1. Good moves.

  2. Not happy. As a long time viewer of WFSB I truly enjoyed and looked forward to watching Tina Martin. She is full of personality and was a breath of fresh air. Let me guess she did not fit the tv mold!!!

  3. Once again WFSB gets it wrong. I definitely think according to them she “didn’t fit the tv mold”. Switching to NBC Connecticut where I can see a representative from several races, not just one.

  4. So it has to be about race?

  5. I believe Kim has a great delivery and presence when delivering news stories,be in the field or the anchor desk.

  6. Ummmm, I’m 45 years old, and I can pretty much name every minority who has ever worked for WFSB….so yeah, I’d say race is important to SOMEBODY…

  7. Personally, I’ve been rather offended by WFSB for their lack of anchors of Asian descent, Pacific Islanders, Uyghurs, Indian/Punjabi, Creole, Native American, Inuit, Arab, Tamil, Nepalese/Pahari, Bahun, Pashtun, Turkmen, Turkish, Tajik, and Baloch.

    Until they right this obvious discrimination and injustice in their hiring policies for anchors, I will no longer watch them.

  8. What does race have to do with it? It’s about being a good communicator and storyteller. Just because you’re a capable reporter doesn’t mean you’re a good anchor. Let’s face it, Tina Martin has some skill as a reporter but that does not necessarily translate to the anchor desk and – in her case – it didn’t. To be blunt, I’d call Tina Martin a pretty average reporter – never get the sense she’s hustling for a story or breaking new ground. As for Karen Lee, just another relatively inexperienced cheap hire they brought in to see if she could cut it and she couldn’t so she’s gone.

  9. Average reporter? Jealous much? Tina has talent and is one of the best people I’ve seen on the anchor desk at the station. Hopefully she will go where they recognize talent.

  10. wfsb is the least diverse news station I have seen in a blue state ever. Screw them! None of their on-air talent is up to par for the market and their news judgment is pretty mediocre.

  11. And, I must add Berbers. They have never hired and anchor of Berber descent.

    Until I see a Berber in the anchor chair, or one of the other aggrieved and underrepresented minority groups I listed above, I shall not watch WFSB news.

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