Not A Day Over 39

Credit: Connecticut Magazine
Congratulations to some media types who Connecticut Magazine selected to be part of this year’s “40 Under 40”:
Chion Wolf of WNPR – Producer of the Colin McEnroe Show
Erika Arias of Fox CT – Morning Co-Anchor
Samaia Hernandez – Press Secretary to Governor Malloy, formerly of WNPR, the Hartford Courant and the Meriden Record-Journal.
Jamie Calli Mascia of WFSB – Producer of “Better CT”

One Response

  1. Chion Wolf? Her producing is OK it’s that she does these funny bits on the show that are so NOT funny. Is someone afraid to tell her. I cringe and change the channel. Not what any station wants. Also, as a producer she tries to give old man Colin (my age) topics that might be interesting and relevant to young people. “Great Hartford Rap Artists” or whatever and it doesn’t fit with him…it also makes him look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when with such topics he usually doesn’t.

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