White House Year in Photos


It’s said that the best way to take a good photo is to choose a great subject.

It’s hard to take a bad picture of almost any president. Add to it the unrestricted access the White House photo staff has and it must be very difficult to edit down the year in photos to just a few.

The current chief photographer for the Obama administration is Pete Souza. He and his staff put this set together to sum up 2014 at the White House.

Java New Year






Our good friend and colleague Mary Ellen Fillo of the Hartford Courant posts her year in review.

2014 brought lots of media news to the Java column, which is undoubtedly one of the most widely read columns published by the Courant….which coincidentally…turned 250 years old this year.

Happy New Year.

Goulston to Boston






WFSB reporter Robert Goulston will begin the new year with a new job as a reporter for Fox 25 in Boston.

Goulston is best known in Connecticut as channel 3’s New Haven bureau chief and a really good guy.

We wish Robert the best of luck as he follows many other Hartford market alums to Beantown.

Budoff Brown Brussels Bound


If someone is looking for a business model that works in today’s Internet news media environment it appears at least one place to look is Politico.

Since its inception, it has continued to expand. It’s main publication and website has spawned countless insider briefing products, an expansion into New York political coverage and now an expansion into Europe led – in part – by Carrie Budoff Brown who many Laurel readers will remember from her time at the Hartford Courant.

ICYMI: At his year end news conference, President Obama bantered with Brown (a Politico White House correspondent) about her upcoming move to Brussels, Belgium. It is not the first time Obama has made fun of Politico. At the annual White House correspondents dinner a few years ago he mocked the news org with a Politico inspired headline he imagined might have run in 1865: “Lincoln Ends Civil War, but Can He Hold the House?”

DeRienzo on Courant Paywall







Matt DeRienzo has a thoughtful column, on CT News Junkie, on the Hartford Courant’s decision to institute a paywall.

Bottom line: It’s a worthy experiment, but the paywall threatens the discussion of public affairs that often begins with the work of veteran reporters and columnists.

Year In Review


It’s natural for the news media to look back at year’s end and sometimes even look ahead. It makes sense because of the calendar and it also, conveniently, fills space during what is usually a slow news period.

Politico’s Hadas Gold has an interesting story on 2014 from the perspective of the press. There were ups and downs and at times the press was the story.

Meanwhile…The Columbia Journalism Review published an article on what it considers the worst journalism of 2014.

…And We’re Back…


Slowly getting back to speed…

Our former colleague Gayle King gets a mention in this morning’s New York Times (Pay Wall) in a photo essay on the morning news shows (Business Day section).

Gayle recently celebrated her 60th birthday!

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