Viral Audio


It is a generally accepted fact that in the world of viral Internet shares – audio alone rarely goes viral.

There is one well known exception and that is the interview by WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen, with his daughters, after a haircut gone bad.

But we noticed an attempt by NPR Wednesday morning to give a boost to some key audio cuts from Tuesday’s Planned Parenthood hearing on Capitol Hill.

Using the well known web technique of offering lists, NPR published the six audio cuts you have to hear. We thought it was interesting and an example of a technique other radio and even TV news outlets might use to get some extra clicks.



A few recent profiles to pass along.

Clarissa Ward, the Yale graduate, who recently left CBS to join CNN as a senior international correspondent is profiled in More.

Mika Brzezinski, former WFSB reporter/anchor and current co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC(and friend of The Laurel) gets cover treatment in Ad Week.

Related – Savannah Guthrie, who we are sure must have at least once driven through Connecticut on the way to some place else, is profiled in Guideposts Magazine.

Caw Caw


We heard a discussion among business journalists the other day about the future of Twitter.

The company has been without a permanent CEO for an unusual amount of time and there is talk Twitter may be in long term trouble simply because it has never had an definable business model.

Now comes word through the Wall St. Journal that Twitter is considering new ideas including allowing people to Tweet more than 140 characters.

But a message that is longer than 140 characters is no longer a tweet it’s more like a caw caw…wouldn’t you say?

Oh – and here’s an update on that CEO question.

H/T – Steve Jewett

Media General – Meredith


The planned merger between Media General and Meredith, that could have major implications for WFSB and WTNH, is running into trouble.

It all began Monday when a third company, Nexstar, made its own bid for Media General. Things were further complicated by late Tuesday when a major Media General shareholder publicly asked the leadership of Media General to make the best deal possible with Nexstar.

The letter argues the combination of Media General and Nexstar would create the largest television network in the country. Nexstar doesn’t own any properties in Connecticut.

Of Interest

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.28.58 PM

Photo: Int’l Women’s Media Foundation

We ran across an interesting story about a new app designed to keep journalists safe when they’re in the field.

The idea is to help those working in dangerous places, but the definition of “dangerous places” has changed since the double murder of two journalists in Virginia earlier this year.

The International Women’s Media Foundation played a role in developing the phone app that gives reporters a lifeline when they feel they’re in danger and a fire alarm of sorts when they believe their personal safety has moved beyond their control. The app is called Reporta.

Tomorrow…the World

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.18.54 PM

Like we’ve said before, Politico has plans for world domination and that includes Connecticut.

Now the plans are public and in writing.

Kudlow Running(?)


The New York Post is reporting that Connecticut resident and CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow is planning to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Richard Blumenthal.

Kudlow is a Republican who worked in the Reagan administration.

The Post story is hooked to a conversation Kudlow reportedly had last week with the head of the GOP in New York.

Meanwhile, on the social media network known as “Twitter,” Kudlow says he has not made a final decision.


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