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Speaking of the Courant...

We don’t want to hold anyone to this, or make too much of it, but former Hartford Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart shared an interesting quote this weekend during his appearance on Face the State.

Referring to a meeting at the paper in March, Englehart quoted the paper’s publisher(:6:40) as predicting the print version of the Courant would be around for another “ten years.” After that, Englehart suggested, no one knows what’s next for the Courant, or the print industry in general.

It was a rare glimpse into how newspaper insiders see their future.

BTW – The interview also includes a cartoon of Englehart drawn by former Governor Bill O’Neill, who was not an Englehart fan.

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Englehart Rear View

Bill O’Neill, Lake Pocotopaug, CT, 1990

Ink on paper

Tribune: Not True


After allowing for a weekend of speculation, Tribune Publishing issued a statement Monday saying it is not in negotiations to sell the Los Angeles Times, or any other part of the company.

The need to issue the statement came following a Tweet from Rupert Murdoch last Friday suggesting a deal was close.

No word why Murdoch would put the information out. He has denied an interest in any Tribune properties himself.

Reminder: We care because Tribune owns the Hartford Courant.

Weekend Rumors

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Rupert Murdoch is spreading rumors on Twitter that if true could prove to be the first sign of a possible change of ownership for the Hartford Courant and other Tribune Publishing newspapers.

Late Friday Murdoch posted that he believes Tribune Publishing is about to be sold to a Wall St. based investment firm and that the Los Angeles Times is going to be split off and purchased by local investors.

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There is no confirmation from Tribune Publishing or from Eli Broad, the Los Angeles philanthropist who has expressed interest in the Los Angeles Times in the past. Murdoch has been quoted as saying he has no interest in any of the Tribune properties.


Sunday Talk






Face the State WFSB 11 am

Host: Dennis House

J.R. Romano – CT GOP chairman

Bob Englehart – Retired Hartford Courant political cartoonist

Flashback: Governor Rell on budget cuts, 2009

Real Story pic






The Real Story Fox CT Sunday 10:30am

Hosts: Jenn Bernstein and Al Terzi

Congressman John Larson – Terrorism

Scott Wilson, President of Connecticut Citizens Defense League on gun control

Kevin Scarpati – Meriden mayor-elect








Focus on Connecticut News 12 Saturday: 7:30am, 11am, 2:30pm, 7:30 pm Sunday: 2:30am, 7:30am, 11am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm

Host: Tom Appleby

Senator Richard Blumenthal(D)

CTN: Capitol Report: Week in Review Sunday at 8pm replays of: The Real Story (8:30pm), Face the State (9:00pm), The Stan Simpson Show (9:30 pm)

More Courant Buyouts


The day before Thanksgiving was the last day of work at the Hartford Courant for some of the long time employees who took the company’s latest early retirement offer.

In addition to several of the departures we’ve reported on previously, a number of people on the paper’s photography staff are leaving after several decades with the Courant.

One of them is Stephen Dunn who has been a fixture on the scene of news stories across Connecticut for 37 years. Like many newspaper photographers, he did his work quietly without drawing much attention to himself, but he obviously saw more than most. A Facebook post hints that he’s still got some work left to do.

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Julie Leonardi Joins 3


WGGB reporter Julie Leonardi is moving south to Rocky Hill to join WFSB as a reporter.

Leonardi was in Springfield for two years. She once interned at WFSB. She’s a native of Cape Cod(Pronouncer: cawd) and went to Syracuse University.

Will on Wesleyan


Columnist George Will, a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, mentioned Wesleyan University in his Thanksgiving week column.

Will writes about the on-going trend toward intolerance of diverse opinions on college campuses nationwide. He lists the controversy involving the Wesleyan Argus and the publication of an op-ed questioning the Black Lives Matter movement as one example.

In the Washington Post presentation of the column, University of Missouri professor Melissa Click is offered as the poster girl for the problem, in the screen shot seen ’round the world.

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Melissa Click calls for “muscle” against student journalists.

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