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Former WFSB reporter and Manchester High School graduate Jessica Schneider is leaving CBS2 in New York for a job at CNN.

According to her Facebook page she’s “beyond thrilled.”

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Schneider also earned a law degree from UConn while working mornings and weekends at WFSB.

Hard work pays off. Congratulations.

Must We Look?









We are rooting for America’s Oldest Continuously Published Newspaper. We really are. But can’t it do better than re-publishing humor columns? Jim Shea has voluntarily moved on to the Hearst papers after a long, successful run at the Courant. So let’s fill that vacuum.  It makes Hartford feel a little less than au courant when we’re served up recycled columns while a whole world of fresh hilarity is out there for the reading (including what Jim is now writing for other CT newspapers).

We’re not going to search The Laurel for previous mentions, but we like to remind the world of the plural nature of The Media: as in “The media ARE loving Donald Trump,” not “The media IS loving Donald Trump.” The media are not one thing. An example: Former Today Show anchor Ann Curry got a starring role in Nicholas Kristof’s Sunday New York Times column and in our humble opinion, blew it:

 “Trump is not just an instant ratings/circulation/clicks gold mine; he’s the motherlode,” Ann Curry, the former “Today” anchor, told me. “He stepped on to the presidential campaign stage precisely at a moment when the media is struggling against deep insecurities about its financial future. The truth is, the media has needed Trump like a crack addict needs a hit.”


Finally – if you are subjecting yourself to political coverage during this presidential campaign, count how many times you hear an interviewee or roundtable panelist start his or her answer with “Look…”

Worth Noting

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Branford homeowner Jane Pauley bookended the day on CBS this past Sunday.

The former co-host of the Today Show, filled in for Charles Osgood on CBS Sunday Morning and later in the day made a cameo appearance on the prime-time political show Madam Secretary.

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Pauley is rumored to be in line to replace Osgood when he retires this year. In November, Pauley will be inducted into the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame along with Rebecca Lobo and Dr. Joyce Yerwood.

Former long time CBS News veteran Eric Engberg died this weekend at his home in Florida. He was 74. Engberg made at least one stop in Hartford during his career, covering former Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro during a campaign stop in 1984 at the Old State House.


At that point in the campaign Ferraro was facing tough questioning from the press concerning her husband’s business dealings and Engberg was one of several national reporters gleefully making her life more difficult.

Ferraro’s inspirational campaign slogan that year was aimed at young women: “It’s a tough choice when you can be anything you want to be.”

Media entrepreneur Carlos Watson is making another attempt to score on the big stage of television. He anchors a new show starting next week on PBS. “Point Taken” is also being introduced in early press reports as “PBS Late Night.” Watson is the founder of

The Wesleyan Compromise

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Roger Sherman

In the spirit of the Connecticut Compromise, a new resolution was proposed this weekend at Wesleyan University that could eliminate some of the present unpleasantness between the Student Senate and the Wesleyan Argus.

The proposed resolution would create a new media fund that would be managed separately from other student activity funds. The Argus has been targeted for funding cuts since a controversial op-ed was published last year on the Black Lives Matter movement. This latest proposal aims to create a more defined church and state relationship between the student government and the school’s largest student publication.

Top Producer!


There’s been lots of speculation over the last year or so about when and if former NBC CT anchor Lisa Carberg might return to local television.

Well, it appears she has made her decision and her decision is to “move in another direction.”

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Carberg follows in the footsteps of another former NBC CT anchor. Janet Peckinpaugh is a real estate associate based in Essex.

Lightman Explains

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Former long-time Hartford Courant Washington reporter David Lightman published an article this weekend on the state of the presidential campaign and the message voters are sending to “the establishment.”

Now writing for the McClatchy News Service, Lightman concludes this election is about us vs. them…and the them is anyone in power.

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