King Feature

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Former WFSB anchor Gayle King says she thinks the audience gets how CBS This Morning is trying to distinguish itself from other morning news shows and it is paying off in the ratings.

King tells the New York Post that it is possible for This Morning to eventually catch and surpass NBC and ABC in the morning.

King co-hosts the CBS morning show with recent Quinnipiac Fred Friendly Award winner Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell(who once did a live shot from NBC CT).

O’Donnell replaced Clinton, Connecticut native Erica Hill back in 2012. Which is all to say – there is always a Connecticut connection if you look for it!

Craig Suspended

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WTIC-FM has taken long-time morning host Gary Craig off the air after he posted what some considered an offensive video online earlier this week.

The video featured Craig doing a selfie stand-up at Hartford’s Latino Fest. It was taken down a few hours after it went up after being spotted first by and then drawing the attention of members of the city council and Mayor Luke Bronin.

Craig’s de facto suspension is in effect until July 5.

How Much?

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A survey by the RTNDA and Hofstra University shows local TV news salaries went up last year an average of 4.8%.

Even so the survey results suggest people both on and off air in local TV news aren’t getting rich except in the biggest markets or under other special circumstances.

H/T – News Blues

Big Job Opening


NBC Universal is looking for a new managing editor for NBC Boston and New England Cable News.

So, this could be a great opportunity to have an impact at the head of a major news organization in a major city. Right?

Tronc Update

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General Francisco Franco is still dead and Gannett still wants to buy the former Tribune Publishing – now known as “tronc” – in case you were wondering.

We’ve been keeping a sharp eye on the situation for weeks and we can reliably report there have been no new public developments in the effort by Gannett to purchase the parent company of the Hartford Courant.

We do note that many writers cannot help but refer to tronc as; “the company formerly known as Tribune Publishing.”

CT News Junkie


Over the last two days CT News Junkie has been making a special online effort to build support and raise funds.

Monday Christine Stuart wrote a special analysis looking at the state of the news media industry and what it means for the News Junkie site known for its state capitol coverage.

Tuesday, new media advocate Matt DeRienzo made a similar argument:

Think about this for a second. For every Christine Stuart roaming the halls of Hartford, asking tough questions and uncovering secrets on the public’s behalf, consider how many people are employed full-time (by your tax dollars) to spin, hide, or obfuscate the news and information about state government she is trying to report.

CT News Junkie is celebrating its 11th year covering state government.

Help them if you can.

Bill Cunningham, 87

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This story is a bit outside our wheelhouse, but it’s worth noting the high praise flowing toward the late Bill Cunningham following his death this weekend at age 87.

The New York Times street fashion photographer is being remembered for his full devotion to his subject and impeccable journalistic standards. Few people in life are so devoted to their work that they eschew money, benefits(like healthcare) and the perqs that come with a job covering elite classes of people.

Cunningham shot on the streets of New York almost every day, wore a simple daily uniform, (even though he covered fashion), rode a bike to get around, slept on a cot – and until he was forced to take a staff position at the Times to get access to healthcare coverage – refused for years to go on anyone’s payroll for fear of losing his journalistic independence. Setting aside what that all says about his journalistic ethics – it made him a one of a kind character.

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