In the White House briefing room Monday for the first press briefing of the Trump administration we spotted some familiar faces with Connecticut connections:

Hallie Jackson. The newly named White House correspondent for NBC News was sitting in the front row and got what was supposed to be the last question. Jackson is a WFSB alum.

Margaret Brennan. The CBS News State Department correspondent has been doing double duty at the White House for several months now. She was born in Stamford.

George Colli. Crammed against the wall about midway through the small briefing room, the former NBC CT investigative reporter – now with Cox Media – was no doubt checking for cracks in the White House foundation.

Sean Spicer. The Trump press secretary and graduate of Connecticut College in New London, was of course conducting the briefing and attempting to make nice with the press corps he angered on Saturday with a bizarre rant about inaugural crowd size.

Hope Hicks. The Greenwich native, who has been with Trump since the start of his campaign, was near the front of the room to offer Spicer an assist if needed and provide a sartorial yin to the fashion yang of Kellyanne Conway seated next to her.


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