Will Out.


Long time political commentator George Will, who made the fortuitous decision many years ago to attend and graduate from Trinity College in Hartford, has been let go by Fox News.

Fox simply decided not to renew his contract as networks are wont to do in a capitalistic society such as the one in which we reside.  At the same time, the network announced a batch of hires who will no doubt bring new viewpoints to the acrylic tables of television punditry that are more in line with the network’s vision, such as it is.

Will broke from the Republican Party last year over his distaste for Donald Trump, who Will might describe as no more Republican or conservative than a Georgetown socialite.

From the Washington Post:

As to whether he felt an ideological rift with Fox News, Will replied, “Only to the extent that I think there are a number of people enthusiastic about the 45th president, and I’m not.”

Will is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and his column this week on Trump’s inaugural address makes clear his opinion on the matter has not changed one iota. Which is to say, by not even a small amount.

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