Apology Not Accepted


It’s hard enough to be a press secretary to a president most members of the news media are at war with; it’s another to wake up on Sunday morning and find out Saturday Night Live has chosen Melissa McCarthy to play you – and she turns out to have nailed it!

Sean Spicer, a graduate of Connecticut College, woke up to that reality Sunday morning. McCarthy’s satire of him highlights the growing credibility problem many Trump administration spokespeople are facing.

Audience of One


Some observers often mock the actual ratings of cable TV news programming which tends to be more meager than most people realize.

However, as an advertiser trying to reach an audience of one, you might be willing to pay a premium to reach that audience. The audience of one we speak of is President Donald J. Trump.

Politico is reporting that Fox News and MSNBC are both increasing ad rates for issue advertising clients buying time on shows known to be favorites of the president. Among them, Morning Joe, hosted by Joe Scarborough of New Canaan.

Simpson Endowed Chair


Former Hartford Courant columnist Stan Simpson has been named the Robert C. Vance Endowed Chair in Journalism and Mass Communications at Central Connecticut State University.

The appointment runs through the end of 2017. Simpson will teach one class per semester. He is a graduate of Central.

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