Names in the News


Sean Spicer. The White House press secretary with Connecticut ties is still suffering from the effects of a Saturday Night Live skit performed this past weekend by Melissa McCarthy. Two telling analyses of the performance from Politico and the New York Times are making the rounds today.

White House RattledPolitico

Why McCarthy Had to Play SpicerNYT

Betsy Wittemann. The former Journal-Inquirer lifestyle reporter died in Colorado last week. She was 75. Wittemann began her career in Rochester, New York after attending Wesleyan University and eventually returned to Connecticut to work for the Hartford Times.

Wes Duplantier. The New Haven Register reporter is leaving the paper for a job in Nashville. He’ll be working on the digital team for Gannett in Tennessee. His last day in Connecticut is next Friday.

Khalilah Brown-Dean. The associate professor of political science from Quinnipiac University – who is often a guest on WNPR – is profiled by the New Haven Register, ICYMI.

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