Domestic Dispute Involving Married News Anchors

Ashley and Rob Morrison
Former NBC 30 anchor Rob Morrison had a serious brush with the law this weekend. Morrison was arrested on Sunday, Feb. 17, on charges of second-degree strangulation, second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct following a domestic violence incident with his wife, Ashley. Ashley also worked at NBC30 – she did a brief reporting stint at the station. The couple lives in Darien. Here’s a scene from happier times.

After working as a morning anchor at NBC 30, Rob went on to anchor/reporter duties at WNBC-TV.  He appeared regularly on NBC’s Weekend Today and MSNBC. He then moved on to WCBS-TV where he anchors the morning and noon newscasts.

His wife, Ashley Morrison, served as an air anchor/reporter with Bloomberg television (BTV) from 2007-2009. She is currently an anchor for CBS Moneywatch.

WWE Legal and Marketing Departments Keeping Busy

Last week the Darien Times published an opinion column about World Wrestling Entertainment, the company co-founded by US Senate candidate Linda McMahon. The WWE has sent a letter to the editor claiming the column distorts how the WWE is characterized (treatment of women and the mentally challenged, for example).  The Times had a back-and-forth with WWE in May as well. Then there’s the libel suit threatened against the Journal Inquirer…
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