Tribune Spinoff Decision Raises Questions

On July 15, Tribune Co., the company that currently owns the Hartford Courant, confirmed that it will spinoff its publishing business into Tribune Publishing on August 4. The publishing company will include newspapers such as the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and several others. While no one has discussed specifically the decision’s implications for the Hartford Courant, it raises many questions about the paper’s future. On WNPR’s news show “The Wheelhouse” this morning, Colin McEnroe and guests Kevin Rennie, Daniela Altimari, Gerry Brooks, and David Collins discussed the possible implications. The Laurel will report more news on what this means for the Courant as it becomes available.

The Courant Wins Praise

Columbia Journalism Review logo

CJR Assistant Editor Sara Morrison gives kudos to her hometown paper,  the Hartford Courant, for its coverage of Newtown:

As bigger outlets from all over the world swarm Newtown to cover an unfathomable tragedy and as legacy outlets and prolific Tweeters alike spat out misinformation and rumors, the Hartford Courant had the best account I’ve seen so far. Its coverage continues to be excellent: patient, accurate, and compassionate.

Owen’s Progress

The Hartford Courant’s Lori Riley updates the condition of longtime Connecticut sports columnist Owen Canfield who was injured in a car accident earlier this year.

Columnist Injured in Crash

Owen Canfield, a columnist for the Register Citizen and former sports columnist at the Hartford Courant,was injured early Thursday morning when the car he was driving hit a utility pole. Police describe the injuries as “life threatening”. Our thoughts are with him.

Oldest and Best Continuously Published Editorial Writers….

Photo: Tom's award is here! Best editorialist in the nation! We agree!
We see on Facebook that the Hartford Courant’s Tom Condon received his well-deserved “hardware” – his award from the National Headliner Award for best individual editorial writing.
And congratulations to Former Courant Editorial Page Editor Bob Schrepf who is among Five New England Journalists who will receive the “Yankee Quill Award for contributions to journalism.

Catching up With Former WFSB Star Melissa Francis

Looks like Melissa Francis is a jack of all trades. Beginning with TV commercials for Johnson and Johnson, landing the role as Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie and finally becoming a television journalist and news reporter for numerous New England Stations, such as Connecticut’s own WFSB, Francis is on to her next big thing.  As a current tv journalist for Fox Business Network, Melissa tells Hartford Courant reporter MaryEllen Fillo about her newest endeavor–a Fox Business show called “MONEY with Melissa Francis” and a new book that includes her time in CT. Read more here.

Social Media Spoils Surprise but Ratings Remain High

Despite social media updates, such as tweets, status updates and text messages  “spoiling” the outcome of the 2012 Olympics before they even air on television, ratings for the taped prime time events are still breaking records– a sign that while world of media is evolving, people still love to watch the sweat, the tears and the story lines that unfold…even if the outcome is already known. Read the Courant’s article here.

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