Paul Bass


Journalism is a business that often puts a premium on moving around from market to market in the search for the opportunity to make more money or cover bigger and bigger stories.

And then there is Paul Bass. In some ways he embodies the values of an older style of journalism that rewarded writers who covered the same beats for decades and developed a highly nuanced understanding of a city’s history and its people.

The Hartford Courant does a well deserved profile on Bass, who has spent the last 30 years devoted to covering the city of New Haven. As most Laurel readers know Bass is the editor of the New Haven Independent. He is often called on to speak as an expert in making on-line journalism work.

Bass is director of the Online Journalism Project which also publishes the Branford Eagle and the Valley Independent.

NH Register Losing Its Cops Reporter

After 14 years covering crime for the New Haven Register, Bill Kaempffer is taking a job as the Bridgeport Police Department’s public information officer. The New Haven Independent calls him the city’s best-sourced crime reporter.
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