We Have No Shame

The New Haven Register has confirmation that “Dr. Phil” will do a segment on the sexting incident that led to Geoff Fox’s departure from Fox CT…and that the woman involved is apparently participating.

NH Register Losing Its Cops Reporter

After 14 years covering crime for the New Haven Register, Bill Kaempffer is taking a job as the Bridgeport Police Department’s public information officer. The New Haven Independent calls him the city’s best-sourced crime reporter.

The Effect of JRC Bankruptcy

Small Photo
Matt DeRienzo, group editor of Journal Register Company’s publications in Connecticut, discusses what the company’s recent bankruptcy filing will mean for JRC-owned newsrooms at the New Haven Register, Middletown Press, the Register Citizen of Torrington, Connecticut Magazine, the Litchfield County Times and West Hartford News.

Hladky’s Back

ghladkyheadActually, Greg Hladky never went away – he was just unceremoniously laid off by the New Haven Register last March after a couple decades covering state government. We’ve been happy to see his byline show up in the New York Times’ “Connecticut” section, and this morning we heard him on WNPR’s “Where We Live”, hosted by John Dankosky, discussing government corruption along with “Only in Bridgeport” blogger Lenny Grimaldi. Greg was also featured in the Governing magazine article that we linked to earlier this week.
In addition to the Times, Greg is also writing for the Boston Globe and Connecticut Magazine. Greg was never one to “fall in love” with the people in power and for that reason, consistently asked tough questions. Good to know he’s still out there asking them.

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