Leann Hardin Saves Day


Leann Hardin, the wife of Fox 61 anchor Brent Hardin, received a special award from the Avon school superintendent this week after she helped a boy who was choking on a piece of candy.

Leann performed the Heimlich Maneuver on the student dislodging the blockage.

State Dinner


Carrie Budoff.

Among the guests with Connecticut connections at the White House State Dinner Tuesday night:

Carrie Budoff Brown and her husband Thomas Brown. Carrie, formerly of the Hartford Courant, assumes the role of editor of Politico after the election. Her most recent assignment had her launching Politico Europe, based in Brussels.

Gayle King. The former WFSB anchor and current co-host of CBS This Morning is a frequent guest of the Obama’s. She brought her daughter Kirby.

Congressman Jim Himes(D-4th).

The Obama’s final State Dinner honored Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Interesting Thought


As most newspapers migrate toward web based delivery of the news, one study asks if this whole internet thing has been one big mistake on the part of the newspaper business.

What if newspapers had stood their ground at the dawn of the internet and offered their product only in print?

Worth Noting


Clinton’s external hard drive. Image: Getty

Billy Bush. The other man in the Donald Trump bus video, has lost his job. Meanwhile, Trump is preparing for the third and final presidential debate scheduled for Wednesday night – appropriately in Las Vegas.

Shepard Smith. The Fox News breaking news anchor has come out as gay in an article discussing the firing of Roger Ailes by answering questions that assume his sexuality. Smith says Ailes never made any homophobic remarks in his presence and always treated him with respect.

The Other Trump. Largely silent since her speech at the Republican convention, Melania Trump gave two cable network interviews Monday. One to Fox and one to CNN. Perhaps not surprisingly, she blamed her husband’s campaign problems on the news media and said Billy Bush baited her husband into “boy talk.”

Huma Abedin. The mysterious aide to Hillary Clinton is analyzed through her leaked emails by Politico. The analysis describes Abedin as Clinton’s “external hard drive.”


No Pressure


This week’s third and final presidential debate will be an enormous test for Chris Wallace of Fox News.

The long-time Washington, D.C. based journalist has always worked under the additional scrutiny that comes with being the son of legendary CBS News interviewer Mike Wallace. Unlike his father, who made a name for himself taking viewers to unexpected and even uncomfortable places as one of the original hosts of 60 Minutes, Chris Wallace has always presented himself as a straight arrow – just the facts – reporter. He asks tough, respectful questions with tenacity.

As he heads into Wednesday’s debate, the state of the campaign puts Wallace in the position of being the host of dinner party in which one of the most important guests is expected to mis-behave. It will be his job to prevent the debate from devolving into a junior high school cafeteria fight. How will he approach the job?

The Holt/Lehrer Path – Toss out a question and let the candidates show themselves with little moderator interference.

The Raddatz/Cooper Path – Try not to interfere on content, but be tough when it comes to enforcing the rules.

Or a Wallace Path – Based on his performance as the one-time moderator of Meet the Press and as the current moderator of Fox News Sunday, will he both ask tough questions and force the candidates to answer those questions through persistent follow-up, even if that means interrupting the agreed to format?

Also at stake, as a subtext, is the future of Fox News. This is the first time a Fox News host has been selected to moderate a presidential debate. It is seen as recognition by the elite that Fox News is now to be viewed as a legitimate news organization, not simply an arm of the Republican Party, as many of its critics believe.


In the aftermath of the departure of Roger Ailes (who is widely believed to be advising Trump), there is reported to be a struggle over the direction of the network. One camp wants the network to lean toward the center and be led by on-air personalities, like Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier and Wallace; while others want to continue down a path that recognizes the value of Bill O’Reilly(WFSB) and Sean Hannity.

A strong performance by Wallace could convince leaders inside Fox News that a tilt toward the center might be in the long-term best interest of the network.



Paul Bass. Image: NYT

Over the weekend, New Haven radio station WNHH was one of several low power FM’s to be featured in a story in the New York Times. 

The station was started by Paul Bass, the originator of the New Haven Independent, and he says he has been surprised by the station’s popularity with the local audience.

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