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On Wednesday, two Connecticut journalists could be seen on national TV:  Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie made an appearance on Bloomberg Politics (re-broadcast on MSNBC) to provide analysis of the Connecticut presidential primary, as did the Hartford Courant’s Chris Keating who was on MSNBC with Steve Kornacki.

As you know, the candidates are swarming through the state in advance of next week’s voting. We’re expecting to see Hillary Clinton, John Kasich and Donald Trump at least once each between now and then.

H/T – Doug Hardy via Facebook

It’s Time


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Our friend, colleague and journalist at heart Patty McQueen is back in Connecticut after an eight day tour of Cuba.

She offers some of her observations in an article for Connecticut News Junkie. McQueen argues it is time to lift the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba, because Cuba itself has changed so dramatically, since its imposition 50 years ago. The sanctions are no longer relevant.

It is difficult to argue with her reasoning or her conclusions. The wrong people are being made to suffer.

The Empire Expands

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Paul Bass is inspiring.

A true believer in local journalism, despite his obvious talent, he has remained devoted through his entire career to covering one town in one small state on the east coast: New Haven. The Elm City.

The creator of the New Haven Independent, he is now teaming up with La Voz, to launch an on-air and on line local low power radio station.

WNHH will broadcast live from 4a.m. to 4p.m. and stream 24/7 on line.

In the same week that CT News Junkie celebrates its tenth year, it appears Connecticut has emerged as a solid market for what used to be called “new journalism.”

H/T – CT Capitol Report – Another example of successful CT based new media.


Ten Year Habit


Congratulations to our friends at CT News Junkie on the site’s 10 year anniversary.

You are making it work and keeping us informed.

Best of luck for another ten years(at least) to Christine, Doug and everyone else in the Junkie clan.



Keep pedaling Christine the Courant is right behind you!

Coming to a State Near You?

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Capital, a website covering political news in New York is being re-branded as Politico New York.

The re-brand is taking place about a year after the New York site was purchased by Politico, the web based political news machine that has changed the way politics is covered in Washington, D.C.

The re-brand in New York is also part of the rollout of a plan to expand coverage to states across the country and in Europe. New Jersey and Florida are next. The Politico operation in Brussels, Belgium is scheduled to go live next week.

It appears to be only a matter of time before the company has at least a partnership, if not a dedicated site, in every state. Sites like CT News Junkie and the Connecticut Mirror could be on the Politico radar screen for partnerships. Long time Connecticut Capitol reporters could be on a recruiting list.

ICYMI – Former Hartford Courant reporter Carrie Budoff-Brown has been deployed to Brussels for  Politico’s European start-up. Mike Allen, the former New York Times reporter based in Hartford, is Politico’s chief White House correspondent and author of the daily tip sheet Playbook – considered a must read in Washington, D.C. and a model the company is trying to replicate in states across the country.

News Junkie


Couldn’t help but notice over the weekend that less than 3 weeks after giving birth to the newest CT News Junkie, Christine Stuart is back on the beat, at least part time.

Her byline appeared on the CT News Junkie site, not once but twice! Once sharing a story with Hugh McQuaid.

We have been unable to independently confirm that daughter Caitlin has been enlisted for light editing duties.

DeRienzo Finds New Role


Regular readers of The Laurel know that Matt DiRienzo has made a name for himself as someone committed to finding a new path for traditional journalism in the digital age.

After a few months off, and some freelance work for CT News Junkie, Matt has found a new position with Lion Publishers. He’ll be the interim executive director of the non-profit that was established to serve both for profit and not for profit independent news sites across the country.

“Independent online news outlets that are owned and operated by people who live in and care about the communities they cover are among the brightest lights in local journalism today,” DeRienzo said. “I’m excited to be able to help them exchange ideas and resources and spread the word about this emerging force in news.”

Lion Publishers has over 100 member sites.

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