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Connecticut Post reporter Ken Dixon is the first person I ever heard refer to the state capitol as the “hyperbolic chamber.”

As someone who has covered the capitol for years, Dixon has heard it all, but in a column this weekend he notes he has heard some words and phrases so often they have become cliche.

Dixon’s dictionary of over-used phrases will also sound familiar to anyone who has spent time on a corporate conference call.

Holy Foley!






Sorry for stealing the headline, but it’s a good one.

Only in Bridgeport points out the Tom Foley campaign for governor has been getting lots of “free advertising” in the Connecticut Post. His image has been appearing regularly in house ads, in the print edition of the paper, as part of a promotion to increase breaking news alert traffic.

OIB asks if the Malloy campaign will ask for equal space.


CT Post Trying to “Rid Itself of Older Reporters”?

Earlier this year we reported that Anne Amato, who has decades of experience covering the Naugatuck Valley, had filed a complaint alleging age discrimation against the Connecticut Post with the CHRO. Now comes word that she is suing the Post with the help of veteran attorney John Williams. Ethan Fry’s comprehensive story is in the Valley Independent Sentinel.

Not a Sno-Ball’s Chance in Hell There’s Anything Left in That Machine

With the election over, CT Post political reporter Brian Lockhart will likely suffer from campaign withdrawal for a while… and apparently he has another addiction that he will be forced to overcome. More from his colleague Keila Torres Ocasio…..

Gun Check

Connecticut Post Logo
In Bridgeport, the combination of gun violence and the much-heralded arrival of a store –Bass Pro Shops — whose offerings include guns has made for some good copy lately. But an editorial in the Connecticut Post essentially calls it a  “tempting, symbolic target to ask the store to refrain from selling guns.” Only in Bridgeport offers this analysis:
The Editorial Board was compelled to write this response because of the overzealous actions of its scribes and the editors that overplayed the stories. This is a classic case of a misplaced issue manufactured by scribes.

Bobbie to Hearst

Congratulations to former Hartford Courant editor (and before that, political reporter and columnist) Barbara Roessner who has been named Executive Editor of the Hearst Connecticut papers (CT Post, Danbury News-Times, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time). She succeeds David McCumber who has been named Hearst Washington Bureau Chief.
Here’s some background on Bobbie’s departure from the Courant.

Happily Turned Off by the Digital Conversion

Ken Dixon , Capitol Reporter for the Connecticut Post, has seen his analog television fade to black –  and likes it.

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