Courant Hires


Steve Singer.

One of Connecticut’s most prolific business news writers is leaving the Associated Press bureau in Hartford to join the Hartford Courant.

Steve Singer, who has been with the AP for 17 years, reports to work at the Courant business desk Monday.

Meantime, the Courant has made another new hire.

Kathleen McWilliams, most recently of the Journal-Inquirer in Manchester, will be covering East Hartford and South Windsor. She’s a graduate of UConn’s journalism program.

Weather Threat



There is no denying that a blizzard is news. But is the weather really news – on the same scale – if the storm is just a few inches of snow, or heavy rain, or higher than normal temperatures?

Chris Powell of the Journal Inquirer is concerned the obsession local television news has with coverage of the weather may be contributing to all sorts of social ills that begin with an uninformed electorate. He suggests that if you rely only on local television to get your news, you know a lot about the weather, but may not know much at all about what is really important in your community. If half of a half hour newscast is devoted to the weather, it’s hard to argue his point.

Speaking of Fox CT…


…management isn’t saying anything about it, but the Manchester based Journal Inquirer is reporting that the National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians – Communications Workers of America, is trying to unionize Fox CT.

The union is petitioning for an employee election.

The move comes less than a year after Tribune Company, which owns both the Hartford Courant and Fox CT, split into two companies. Tribune Publishing for print and Tribune Media for broadcasting and other outlets.

The request for the election has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

Pay Wall


The Hartford Courant is the latest daily newspaper to erect a pay wall for “premium content.”

The new rules go into effect this week. Editorial writer Peter Pach commented on Facebook last week that giving away your product for free is not a good business model.

The Courant follows the Journal Inquirer locally, and papers like the New York Times, Wall St. Journal and Washington Post in making this decision.

An interesting long term question is; how this may effect blogging. Many popular blog sites thrive by linking for free to content on what have been fully open main stream media websites.


Prior Restraint





A New Britain Superior Court judge has taken the unusual step of acting as the editor of a Connecticut news organization.

Judge Stephen Frazzini has ordered the Connecticut Law Tribune not to run a story on a child custody case involving the Department of Children and Families. DCF says it did not request the ruling and spokesman Gary Kleeblatt, a former reporter himself(JI), offered no additional comment on the issue.

A Journal Inquirer report on the controversy notes higher courts have routinely intervened in similar cases in which lower courts, or government agencies, have attempted to apply prior restraint on publishers of news.

The Law Tribune is appealing the judge’s ruling.

Powell Weighs In

Chris Powell, Managing Editor of the Journal Inquirer of Manchester, opines on Shelly Sindland’s complaint against Fox61 for his paper and the Norwich Bulletin: “…Anyone seeking to reform TV news might better start with the audience.”

Where Are They Now? Kenneth P. Vogel…

20090413_ken_vogel_18Click here for Ken’s official bio. After his time spent practicing political reporting for various publications, includingThe Journal Inquirer of Manchester, he has now set down roots at Politico, specifically covering the confluence of money and politics.Journal Inquirer




If you’re unfamiliar with Ken’s background, here’s a quick overview… He developed his passion for journalism while studying at the University of Wisconsin. His thorough understanding of politics came later while he was part of an American Political Science Association fellowship that opened doors for him to get an excellent experience- working on the staffs of two House committees. These two passions have allowed him to find success at where he now resides, Politico.

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