Gerry Brooks Profile

Brooks on set with Keisha Grant. Photo: Cloe Poisson

Back in the days of the Brooks File on WFSB at least one top manager at the station told Gerry Brooks he was not anchor material.

By the time he left channel 3 he was anchoring the 5p.m. news and more than 20 years later he’s still anchoring the news at NBC CT and is one of the longest running anchors in Connecticut television news. We guess that manager was wrong.

Rand Richards Cooper has an extensive profile of Brooks in this month’s Hartford Magazine with photos by Cloe Poisson.

News Drone Spotted


Back in 1979 WFSB debuted its news helicopter Sky 3 which was immediately mocked by some, but almost immediately put to good use covering a tornado in Windsor Locks.

This week Fox 61 debuted what it is calling Sky61 – a drone it used for the first time on Friday to provide live weather shots during its morning newscast. We have noticed an increased use of drones in the Hartford/New Haven market – so far mostly for beauty shot purposes, but it may not be long before they are used to enhance news coverage in both TV and print.

Trump vs. Journalism


There’s no shortage of tension between the Trump administration and American journalism. Even as the battle rages ratings are up and so are newspaper subscriptions. So is Trump good or bad for journalism? Or both?

Political science students at Southern Connecticut State University are studying the first 100 days in a special class led by Professor Art Paulson. The class was created before the election so Paulson didn’t know whether he’d be teaching to Trump or a President Clinton, but he and his students say – as it turned out – there is no shortage of material.

Former WFSB news director Mark Effron is out with an opinion article on the state of student journalism in the Trump era. He has an optimistic view.

And finally, the Trump White House has spawned a new blog that is rapidly growing in popularity.

Jackson to White House


NBC News has named former WFSB reporter Hallie Jackson as a White House correspondent. She will be joining her fellow road warrior Kristen Welker at 1600 Penn.

Jackson will continue to anchor the 10a.m. hour on MSNBC.

This will lead many of you to ask; What about Katy Tur? NBC says Tur will anchor the 2p.m. hour on MSNBC at least through Trump’s first 100 days. Tur, you may remember, was stationed overseas before she was dropped into the Trump campaign for what was expected to be just a few weeks or a few months. She is currently writing a book about her experience covering Trump that is tentatively titled: Unbelievable!

To complete the NBC “Road Warrior” update, Kasie Hunt has been assigned to Capitol Hill. All the NBC political assignments are here.


Meredith Wants Time


Meredith Corporation, which owns WFSB, is apparently, or reportedly, interested in buying Time, Inc.

The New York Post is reporting Meredith may offer a counter bid to a group of three billionaires who have been moving toward a purchase of Time in recent weeks. As a Laurel reader you know Meredith attempted to buy Media General earlier this year, but that deal was scuttled – giving us the opportunity to use the word scuttled in a sentence.

Time publishes, TIME, People, Sports Illustrated and In Style magazines.

Post Election Watch


Jackson, on the road.

In the aftermath of national elections there are always shake-ups (or re-assignments) in the news media world and the political world. We anticipate some changes for some news and political personalities with Connecticut ties.

Hallie Jackson. One of MSNBC’s campaign “road warriors” seems destined for a larger role with the network. The former WFSB reporter has been serving as a daytime anchor in the final weeks of the election and is a frequent guest on other MSNBC shows – a signal that management has taken notice. Her hustle for the story has even been featured in network promos. She was a standout player on the team.

Katy Tur. Worth mentioning not for her Connecticut ties, but for her bulldog coverage of the Trump campaign. She was often singled out by Trump for criticism and at least once had to be escorted by the Secret Service at a Trump rally for her own protection. She was plucked from a foreign posting to cover Trump and never expected to be on the campaign trail for a full 18 months. Now she may very well be assigned to cover the Trump White House. Back in June, someone created the hashtag #imwithtur in response to the Trump bullying.

Morning Joe. Criticized for enabling Trump, then ostracized by Trump for turning against him; Joe Scarborough of New Canaan and Mika Brzezinski – formerly of WFSB and Fox 61 – could re-emerge as a Trump media favorite. In recent weeks, Scarborough in particular, stubbornly insisted the race was not over even as the rest of the news media world was measuring the drapes for Hillary. Their show is still an “establishment” favorite in a world that has now been turned upside down.



Hope Hicks. The rarely seen Greenwich resident has been Trump’s primary media liaison and could end up being the Huma Abedin of what will soon be called “Trump world” inside Washington, D.C.

Connecticut Media. With changes in the make-up of the state legislature coinciding with the national earthquake that occurred on Election Day and the coming gubernatorial election, there is a chance – a small chance – that Connecticut news media outlets may up their game when it comes to covering politics and government. One thing is certain about Tuesday’s results: Voters are fed up with the status quo from the media and government, they are looking for results and they are willing to punish those institutions that fail to perform to expectations.

Crash Detective


Former WFSB reporter Christine Negroni is out with a new book that explores the disappearance of Malaysia airline flight 370.

Based on her years of experience studying plane crashes, she theorizes there was a loss of cabin pressure in the plane which caused the pilot and crew to lose consciousness, sending the plane on an errant flight over the Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel and crashed.

Negroni lives in Old Greenwich, Connecticut.

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